T&C's - Terms and Conditions - You really should read this stuff!

  1. These terms and conditions apply to any user of the Grounded App (App). By using the App you are demonstrating your agreement to these terms and conditions.
  2. Grounded and Imgrounded are the trading names for Grounded.insure Limited. We're incorporated in England and registered with Companies House under 11648394.
  3. The App is an E-money product, and as such are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. In the unlikely event that Grouded.insure Limited become insolvent, your e-money is protected and held at a regulated credit institution (Stripe Payments UK). Your funds will not be used by Grounded.insure Limited or Stripe Payments UK for any other purpose. In the unlikely event that the credit institution becomes insolvent your funds may be at risk.
  4. When using the App, we ask you for your debit or credit card details as the method by which you can pay for a plan. This information is stored securely with our payments partner Stripe. 
  5. Similarly, we ask that you provide your bank details for the purposes of enabling us to pay you if your Plan dictates we must. These bank account details are also stored securely by our payments partner Stripe.
  6. Your Plan will define the circumstances in which a payment to you will be made. 
  7. You may not be entitled to activate or purchase a Plan if the scheduled departure time is less that an hour from the time you initiate purchase. You also may not be entitled to activate or purchase a Plan if there is already an advised delay available by the airport or airline. 
  8. The Delay Period is defined as a period of time (usually, but not always, an hour) after the published scheduled arrival time. 
  9. No payment will be made if the flight arrives on time or within the Delay Period. 
  10. Payment will be made if the flight arrives any time after the Delay Period. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Delay Period is an hour and the scheduled arrival time is 1800, the plan would not pay out if the flight arrived at 1859, but would pay out if the flight arrived at 1901 or any time after that. 
  11. We obtain flight departure and arrival times from our partner Flightstats (Flight Partner). They provide realtime and historical flight information via secure API. 
  12. We will initiate the transfer of funds into you nominate bank account within 60 seconds of Grounded  being notified by our Flight Partner that the flight is delayed beyond the Delay Period. 
  13. Grounded does not guarantee the time it takes your bank to provide you with cleared funds in your account. In some cases it may take 48 hours for your bank to make these funds available to you. 
  14. We shall transfer information relating to you to a third party which will search your record at credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. These searches are to check your identity and we do not carry out full credit reference checks or credit scoring for this purpose. We will use an automated decision-making system to assess your application and verify your identity.
  15. If we are unable to verify your identity adequately, we may ask you to provide some documentary evidence to help confirm your identity and address.
  16. Credit reference agencies may check the details you supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. An unrecorded enquiry will be made. An unrecorded enquiry is a search that was not made for lending purposes. It cannot affect your credit rating or score when you apply for credit. It is not seen by lenders other than the one that carried out the search. It is included on your credit report so you know the search was made but does not affect your credit rating, or score, when you apply for credit.
  17. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we identify fraud, we will record this with fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.
  18. The fraud prevention agencies will share records with other organisations. We and other organisations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies overseas.
  19. Please contact us in ways described in the Website if you would like details of those credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. You have a legal right to these details.
  20. You have certain rights to receive a copy of any information we hold about you. Please contact us in ways described in the Website. We may charge you for this service.
  21. Some information held by credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will be disclosed to us and other organisations to, for example:
    1. to prevent fraud and money laundering, by checking applications for credit, credit-related or other facilities, proposals and claims for all types of insurance, job applications and employee records, and to verify your identity.
  22. The information held by these agencies may also be used for other purposes for which you give your specific permission or, in very limited circumstances, when required by law or where permitted under data protection legislation.
  23. When you have an agreement with us we may use the following types of information about you:
    1. information you give us or we already hold about you, including any phone number you call us from, which we may record;
    2. information we receive when making a decision about your application or agreement, including information we receive from enquiries and searches made in your name with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies;
    3. information (including details of payments and transactions) we may hold about any managed account or policy which you hold with or through us; and
    4. information we receive from anyone who is allowed to provide us with information about you.
  24. We will process, use, manage, control, release and record information about you to:
    1. search credit reference and fraud prevention agencies’ records (including information from overseas) to manage your account;
    2. manage your accounts and policies, and manage any application, agreement or correspondence you may have with us;
    3. carry out, monitor and analyse our business;
    4. fight fraud, money-laundering, terrorism and other crimes; and
    5. keep to any laws or regulations in any country.
    6. We may reveal information about you:
    7. to any person working for us or our co-brand partner;
    8. to fraud prevention agencies;
    9. to any organisation which backs any of our products which you hold;
    10. to any payment system under which we issue your Card;
    11. if a payment is processed through a worldwide payment system, to certain authorities in order to detect and prevent terrorism (including authorities outside the UK);
    12. to any person to whom we transfer any of our rights or obligations under any agreement we may have with you;
    13. to a third party debt collection agency to assist in the collection of any negative balance(s) on your Account; and
    14. to anyone you authorise us to give information about you to.
  25. Processing your information, as described above, may involve sending it to other countries outside of the EEA including the United States of America. In such circumstances we are responsible for making sure that your information continues to be protected.
  26. We will keep information about you for only as long as we need to or is required to meet legal obligations. We will keep your personal data for 6 years after you stop being a Grounded customer in line with regulatory requirements. We are obligated under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/692) to retain personal data about you and your transactions with us for up to 5 years.