Flight Delay Compensation

Instant Payouts When Delayed


Tell us where are you going?


Whether you're nipping away for weekend break on the lash with your mates or heading off for a family holiday with the kids, download our app and choose the flight you're travelling on. It's quick, simple and we cover just about any flight you can think of.

Pick a delay window!


No one likes to be delayed, but our app allows you to choose a delay window. The longer the delay, the more you get paid when you eventually land.  You can pick your delay upto an hour before the scheduled departure time of your flight. 

So, when you're drinking your overpriced pint of piss in the airport lounge waiting for your gate to be called, for the price of that final beer, you can speculate on whether you're going to arrive on time.

Immediate Payout Into Your Bank Account


If the worse thing happens and you arrive at your destination delayed within the window you choose, you win!

By the time you've elbowed the twat in front of you for body-checking you as you get you're luggage out of the overheads, the payout has been sent to your nominated bank account. 

Happy days!

Get Covered in Seconds

Meet the grounded crew


We live in an ever increasing connected world. 

Travel is more accessible, affordable than ever before and  customers demand simple, location aware applications to assist them in their journeys.

The process of getting compensated by the airlines is long winded. It's so bad, that often you really just can't be arsed!

 We take a different view.

With some smart tech, it's really simple. If you are delayed, you get paid before you get through security at the other end.


We're a group of hipsters working in an office in the City. 

Having done a bit of traveling ourselves and hacked off with the 3pm Friday afternoon flight to Nice always being delayed, we decided to lighten the load. 

We hired a few dullard Insurance bods from down the road  to sit with our no-sock wearing bearded app developers and we've come up with grounded.insure

If your flight is delayed, we'll pay out, no questions asked. In fact, we'll often know you're delayed before you do, and we'll send you the cash before you battle you way through customs.


Grounded is the innovative blend of customer location awareness, and flight scheduling and tracking.

Using multiple redundant flight tracking data sources, we always know everything about your flight, making policy evaluation and travel and flight delay compensation real-time and data driven. We think it's quite cool as we also use a blockchain  so there's no quibbling about whether you're delayed or not. 

The platform is a highly available and scalable system, built across multiple cloud data-centres with very near 100% uptime. 

It has banking grade security, and outsources payment functions to industry respected, PCI-DSS compliant partners. 

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